How it all started and I believe 

Healthy Digestion for Weight Loss- No Starvation Needed for Weight Loss

During the course of staying mostly at home as a responsible member of society, I’ve gained 20kgs of body weight and fat. Month after month, it has become more difficult for me to feel the rush of energy that I used to have. I felt lousy, day after day, easily exhausted, and weaker overall. My back and legs are getting painful strains from my increasing weight, and getting up every morning has left me with a dreadful feeling. This was the wake-up call I was desperately looking for but I struggled to find the right way to lose weight. 

I needed to go back to risk-free practices I know are powerful, herbal remedies.

Growing up, I have long been introduced to the abundant knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs for wellness and better living. Nature has its own way of giving us more than what we need if we know where to look. My grandmother Fidela dedicated most of her life to allow us to experience the wonderful benefits of tapping into nature’s gifts. It has become a normal family tradition for generations for all the right reasons. But the recent shift in the way we live our daily lives during pandemic 2020 has made it challenging for us to look after our bodies.

Drinking tea and working with herbs is not a stranger to me, but finding the right ones to lose weight is a totally different arena for me. Like any other natural remedy, I’ve had my fair share of trial and error. I’ve worked with different herbs and teas to finally create the ultimate weight loss package. Combining my own research with my grandmother’s valuable teachings, Fyldella was born.

Starting with this newfound habit of mine has left me feeling like my younger, more energetic self that I’ve almost forgotten existed. This has lead me to share the astounding benefits of this bundle and reintroduce the benefits of getting back in touch with nature.

Up to this day, I’m thunderstruck by how this detoxifying bundle has changed the way I live my life. And our aim is to allow you to experience the same impressive results as we hand you nature’s gifts at arm’s reach.

Welcome a happier, healthier, and a whole new you with Fyldella!



Specifically blended for maximum benefits, each sip will leave you feeling energized, rejuvenated, and youthful.



100% made without any extraneous and unnecessary elements, allowing you to ward off dangerous conditions that they bring to your body.



Unsurpassed and beyond compare, the handpicked natural ingredients of each bundle make room for experiences that go way beyond what your senses can conjure.