Healthy Digestion for Weight Loss – No Starvation Needed

My name is Kristine, I am 34 years old. I was a registered nurse, working tirelessly 6 days a week on a 12 hour shift for more than 6 years. It was a dream job.  Seeing my patient get better was fulfilling until I felt very stressed with the workload that I can never apply holistic approach to my patients but rather they come as numbers. It was like patient in bed 4, 5, 6. I hated it. It was not what I wanted. So I left nursing but I will always be a nurse at heart.  

Then my journey started on how I can still improve people’s health and help them become healthy. I realised it all starts from your digestive system and making your gut healthy. 

I have long been introduced to the abundant knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs for wellness and better living.

Nature has its own way of giving us more than what we need if we know where to look. My grandmother Fidela dedicated most of her life to allow me to experience the wonderful benefits of tapping into nature’s gifts. It has become a normal family tradition for generations for all the right reasons.

But the recent shift in the way we live our daily lives has made it challenging for us to look after our bodies.

During the course of staying mostly at home as a responsible member of society, I’ve gained 20kgs of body weight. Month after month, it has become more difficult for me to feel the rush of energy that I used to have. I felt lousy, day after day, easily exhausted, and weaker overall. My back and legs are getting painful strains from my increasing weight, and getting up every morning has left me with a dreadful feeling. This was the wake-up call I was desperately looking for. I tried to starve myself for longer hours  so I could feel light. I tried to go on walking for hours to sweat and remove the feeling of being sluggish. And even got myself enrolled to a gym. Guess what, I only lasted for 5 days. It was too tiring, too rigid and did not have a lot of time to spend in the gym. And paying for an instructor was way too much to keep up on a progressive terms. I tried to do a very strict all vegetable diet but that did not work so I changed to mostly protein diet. And yes it did work for a period but the cycle continues, I lose weight , faced a plateau ( I am no longer losing weight) then I gained weight again. I have just signed myself up to a Yo-Yo diet. It’s frustrating. Nothing really works. 

In my dream, my grandma showed me her garden. Full of fruits, vegetables and all spices. I woke up and remembered the tradition I grew up with. I needed to go back to risk-free practices I know are really powerful and effective– herbal remedies.

Drinking tea and working with herbs is not a stranger to me, but finding the right ones to target my issues is a totally different arena for me. Like any other natural remedy, I’ve had my fair share of trial and error. I’ve worked with different herbs and teas to finally create the ultimate detox bundle. Combining my a result driven experience with my grandmother’s valuable teachings, Fyldella was born. This was the answer I was looking for. Safe, all natural and handpicked herbal remedies focused to lose weight and lose belly fat.

Starting with this newfound habit of mine has left me feeling like my younger, more energetic self that I’ve almost forgotten existed. This has lead me to share the astounding benefits of this bundle and reintroduce the benefits of getting back in touch with nature.

Finally, I got rid of my Yo-Yo diet and ended my cycle of losing and gaining weight. No starvation needed. This new solution has not cost me too much money and time to prepare it, just like how I drink my regular tea. I pour the Teatox tea in the morning in my mug with boiling water and take my D-aid and H20 Release supplement. And in the evening I sit down and relax with my evening Immune Booster tea. This is really an easy step to lose weight. Something you and I can  do consistently.

Up to this day, I’m thunderstruck by how this detoxifying bundle has changed the way I live my life. And my aim is to allow you to experience the same impressive results as we hand you nature’s gifts at arm’s reach.

I suggest to try it yourself. Start and experience our powerful 28-Day Ultimate Weight Loss Package visit Fyldella.


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