Is it a Tea with Mussolini?

A film in 1935 about a group of English women meeting for a tea every afternoon in Florence, Italy. In those times of uncertainty, Lady Hester retains and admiring faith in Benito Mussolini. To give protection and safety and her visits to see him over a cup of tea. But that was only the beginning of something that was not seen— birth of a tea? no, it was declaration of war on Great Britain.

Well, why was this included in my blog? I watched this movie and I felt writing about it really. Made me think that yes, it all started with a cup of tea!

In real life, sitting down for cup of tea has always brought people together. To find jobs, to network, to gossip, to get informations, to make friends, to introduce friends and families or just to get together and chill. Or sometimes you will find yourself enjoying a sip of a nice tea on your own and dunking a biscuit into your tea.

But what if, the tea that you’re enjoying everyday can also focus on one important detail that you have been struggling to lose? – those stubborn FATS!

They say, after a “three cups of tea” someone will start to trust what we are saying. I would say, oh is that it?

Let’s go to a bit of details, (this might be boring for you but if you are ready to change your health, please continue to read)tea in general is widely consumed and a healthy drink. In addition, when herbs and spices are combined into a powerful ingredients to act as as agent to loose weight is a different thing.

Teatox tea

Herbal teas and spices can do wonders for the body. From providing light skin to helping you lose weight and boost your immune system, there are many benefits to drinking detox teas. However, if you are going for tea tox, the amount of cups of tea you have is greatly increased, so it is important that you know how to follow it properly.

Teatox, or tea-detox, is made to remove all toxins from your body, and it is said to help you lose weight and have fair skin. Herbal teas are full of antioxidants and properties that help soothe your mind and improve health.

It also boosts metabolism and supportive appetite suppression. It detoxifies your body. And make your gut healthy again. It is a form of colon cleansing that removes your digestive toxins and other toxins, helping you to lose weight.

For tea to work well, we at Fyldella chose the right ingredients and take them properly so that there are no side effects. Teatox main concern is to provide healthy tea that can support weight loss and help your body eliminate toxins from the body, without feeling weak as side effects of toxins.


Ginseng is a plant with health-promoting properties that is often regarded as the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be divided into several different types, including Korean, Chinese, and American, all of which are the same type of ginseng plants.

Numerous studies have suggested that this powerful plant can help with weight loss. One small study found that taking Korean ginseng twice daily for eight weeks led to an unbalanced weight loss, as well as changes in gut microbiota formation.

Ginseng fights obesity by altering fat formation and delaying intestinal absorption of fat. However, studies are needed to evaluate the effect of ginseng on weight loss in humans.


Chrysanthemum tea is a beverage prepared by pouring hot water over dried chrysanthemum flowers. A popular summer drink in China, tea has been used in Chinese medicine to treat various ailments.

It is a tea that you should make when you want to lose weight caused by stress. Chrysanthemum tea is also often used with other herbs to make formulas that can burn fat.

However, not all benefits of chrysanthemum tea are supported by scientific evidence.


There are about 200 different varieties of this flower, but many of them share the same profiles of healthy food and active ingredients. This flower has been used for generations, and tea is very easy to make.

Due to the high concentration of quercetin, calcium, manganese, and other antioxidants, colorful tea can be a great addition to our health.

The shoots of honeysuckle flowers can be used effectively to treat various digestive diseases. One of the strangest effects of this tea is that it makes you sweat – a great way for the body to quickly get rid of the toxins it has been building up.

Lotus Leaf

Lotus flowers, leaves, and seeds can all help to reduce weight. Most people would swear by the lotus leaf when it comes to detox or weight loss.

It has strong properties that can help control blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels. In fact, there have been studies showing that the Lotus leaf was used in ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine because of its weight loss properties.

Due to the active ingredients of the lotus leaf, it is considered an important ingredient in Teatox blends, a living product that can help to lose weight by removing toxins from the body. In fact, lotus leaves are also used as an anti-cellulite cream ingredient.

Aside from its beautiful and elegant form, Lotus also has a strong side, especially when it comes to helping your body recover from a variety of conditions, or stay healthy and fit.

One of the healthiest natural ingredients you can turn to in terms of weight loss or diet, Lotus leaf has a lot of potenciescompared to the levels of bad cholesterol and sugar in your blood. There is also evidence that the lotus leaf was used in ancient times by traditional Chinese medicine for its weight loss properties.

The good thing about this natural weight loss ally is that it can prevent carbohydrates and fats from entering, and improve your metabolism, due to its L-Carotene content.

The Lotus leaf is an important ingredient in our Teatox blends and is one of the best organic products one can use as a helper for one’s weight loss and detoxification. In fact, Lotus leaf extract is also found in anti-cellulite creams.


Given the fact that these miracle seeds have a long tradition as ingredients of alternative medicine and tea, and because of their many health benefits, we choose them as ingredients in our Teatox products.

When it comes to weight loss, Cassia seeds are one of the most effective natural ingredients in tea that removes toxins from the body. They have the ability to maintain the health of your digestive system, all while helping you eliminate unwanted toxins.

Along with other natural ingredients found in our detox tea, Cassia seeds are the perfect partner for all women who want to lose weight in a healthy way and create a great environment to improve their lifestyle and healthy diet.

All these powerful ingredients are put together to target those bad toxins, fats and help reverse damages in our gut, our digestive system, our skin, our heart, our liver, our kidneys, balance hormones and our overall health.

If you are looking to lose weight and been going around to find the right recipe, we humbly offer Fyldella 28-day Detox includes our teatox tea, immune booster tea, H2o Release supplement, D-aid supplement. Try it yourself and I guarantee you it will help. It did help me lose weight when I gained 20kg.  That will be for another story. For now, get started order here.


Yours truly,


K.C. Argao


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