28-Day Ultimate Weight Loss Manual


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Supreme 28-Day Weight Loss

Teatox Tea, Immunity Booster Tea, H20 Release Supplement, D-Aid Supplement
This package helps lose weight fast and burn belly fat.
•Sweat out toxins
•Helps regulate digestion
•Slows down fat absorption
•Helps reverse damage caused by free radicals, inflammation, and other toxins
•Release of excess water also helps clear out toxins stored in blood tissues, aiding in better overall health
•Contains a broad-spectrum range of plant-based digestive enzymes with carminative, antispasmodic, and gut-soothing herbs.
•Helps reduce appetite and curb binging


28-Day Ultimate Weight Loss Manual is a guide to help you finish your 28 days. It has daily encouragement and daily samples of food menu that are recommended but not strictly to be followed. We have different cultural food and these are sample menu that you can get an idea which food is beneficial. We encourage healthy food intake for 28 Day of detoxification to get the maximum results. This means, no food intake that are have too much of carbohydrates like chips or fries, less bread or carbohydrates. More vegetables and fruits. Balanced protein intake.

We have also included some light exercises. We believe that moving more during this detox process will have a major impact in losing those toxins. We don’t suggest heavy exercises or lifting. We encourage our customers to move around more, like walking a bit more rather than using a bus. Target a goal of 2,500 steps to 5,000 steps daily whether inside the house or outside. It could be doing your shopping, walking at the park, buying your food. Idea is to sit less and move more.



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