Daily Habits to Lose Weight Fast

Simple Daily Tips to Lose Weight Fast

1. Drink plenty of water

Water is 100% calorie free. When we replace sugar beverages with water it gives us greater benefits and can help you and me lose weight. By increasing the water we drink, it also increases the amount of calories you burn. Plus you don’t need to change your lifestyle just add 1 litre of water more every day. I got my daily intake of water in a bottle to remind me that I need to finish it before the end of the day. 

2. Drink natural detox tea

I love tea and drinking tea that focuses on getting rid of toxins, fats and making my gut healthy just like when I was a kid. When I can eat anything and will not cause any bloating or tummy upset. Oh I love those days! But I learned that we can bring those days back again. This special tea that Fyldella combined together is really effective in targeting toxins and fats! I lost 20 kgs in drinking their detox tea. Simple as exchanging your daily tea with Fyldella Detox Tea

3. Take a brisk walk

I was not a fan of walking. I rather take a taxi, bus or tube rather than walking to shop or buy my groceries. I learned to walk more when started working in the city. Not because there were no transport but London has beautiful places that you can easily reach by walking. Then I experienced that if I walk faster it burns more calories. I take a brisk walk or 15-20 mins a day. End it with my Ultimate Detox Tea.

4. Basking in the morning sun

Oh I love to do this during summer. And whenever we have sunshine, I go out and sit outside with my Teatox Tea Studies shows that sitting under the sun can reduce fat cells. But don’t get yourself burned. During winter I’d go to sauna and steam to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

5. Pack the right meals

Ready packed meals in groceries are not healthy options. I like to prepare and cook my own food. This way I know the quality of ingredients I added in my meal. When packing for your meal, I suggest to make your own with plenty of vegetables or salad and small portion of meat or fish and fruits. Studies have shown that vegetables and salads can make you feel full longer because its rich in fiber. Of course after a nice meal, don’t forget your detox tea. 

Fyldella Detox Tea Package for Ultimate Weight Loss is now available. Start yours and experience to lose weight fast.

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